The Art of Selling to the Age

The Art of Selling to the Age

The Art of Selling to the Age

A lot has been changing lately with the innovations of technology and evolving generations. These days the age groups with insurance purchasing power are:

  1. The Silent Generation (65+),
  2. High Age (54-65),
  3. Mid Age (25-54), and

In fact, one-quarter of today’s population in the India is made up of the Smart Age group. Each group is unique in how they’ve adopted technology and how they buy, but one thing is clear across the board: you need a website. No matter the age, all generations will have a significant percentage of people that will look you up online. The overwhelming majority own a digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer), so a digital presence is no longer a “should”, but a “must”.

However, a website isn’t the only way you can reach these groups. In order to be successful, you need to know where you can find each generation and how to talk to them. This post will discuss some of the techniques you can use to approach each of the four groups.

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